Sunday, February 6, 2011

Step 6: Outreach

Time for the rubber to hit the road. Having identified three firms in my top 10 that are currently hiring (Google, EA, and LucasArts), I put the outreach plan into action.

Key Insights: As a bit of a perfectionist, it was hard at first to give up the idea of writing super personalized messages to each of the contacts at my target firms. However, once I accepted the booster-testing method, I really got on a roll, sending one message after another without mental blocks.

Time Savings: Estimating that a typical personalized message would have taken me at least 30 minutes per contact, I saved three hours by reaching out using the 2HJS method.

Stress Reduction: Not hyperventilating about picking just the right words in each message definitely took another 10 mm HG off the ol' BP!


  1. Can you share more about this method? Do you have a rough template you can share? Thanks!

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