Monday, December 13, 2010

Step 5.2: Sort - Gap B

OK, now for the trickier part: Tracking down connections at the firms I like but where I don't know anyone. I'm going to turn this post into a showdown between the two latest social question-answering services:
  • Aardvark - Type your question in and it scans your Facebook/Gmail connections (and most importantly, their connections - a la the power of weak ties!) to find someone with expertise in that area. Recently bought by Google for $50M!
  • Facebook Questions - Type your question in and it opens the query to the entire Facebook universe (or just specific) friends, if you prefer. Designed to take down Aardvark!
Let's see who delivers the goods - and how long it takes... To be continued.


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  2. Two years later, Aardvark appears to be dead, and Facebook doesn't give me a Question button. What do you use now?

  3. Good question! I'd recommend posting on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. People love to help each other out - especially when they like each other to begin with, so it never hurts to start with your existing networks.

    Hope that helps and good luck!