Sunday, December 5, 2010

Step 1.1: Dream Employers

Note: Instead of describing the details of each step, I'm going to focus on the outcomes. If you want to try the method yourself, get the book!

Within 10 minutes, I'd put together a list of 21 dream employers:

Key Insights: I needed something easy and quick to begin with - otherwise I would never have gotten started! Also, it was interesting to see the specific patterns of my interest (edutech, high tech, video games, and design) mapped out and not floating chaotically around my brain.

Time Savings: Compared to putting this list together over-and-over in my mind, I imagine I saved 5 hours here easy.

Stress Reduction: I'm no doctor but not having to worry about remembering all of these firms in my frazzled neurons has to count for at least 3 mm Hg - whatever that means!

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