Sunday, December 5, 2010

Step 3: Motivation

My favorite step yet - seven minutes and my list was organized into favorites and unknowns:

Key Insights: I assumed this step would be paralyzing. After all, trying to rank 78 of anything can involve countless close calls and ruminations, let alone 78 firms that may define your life in a few months. But using the limited rating system meant I could quickly establish an internal rubric (5 = dream, 1 = never heard of it) and breeze through the task. Also interesting to note that, while most of the firms came from my original dream list, firms sourced from other areas are starting to pop up.

Time Savings: If I were to do this kind of ranking informally, I'd probably spend the better part of a lifetime thinking and rethinking. But to keep my odometer from breaking, let's say 20 hours.

Stress Reduction: Seeing my list start to take shape does a body good: Quick results = -1 mm Hg.

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