Sunday, December 5, 2010

Step 1.3:

11 minutes later (I cheated!) and I had a dozen more cool edu-tech firms who were doing something even cooler - hiring!:

Key Insights: Indeed, a dumb name for a website, but a very useful resource - indeed! It's good to see that so many firms are hiring, even if applying through the site would be a sucker's mistake.

Time Savings: Going through all of the traditional sites (Monster, HotJobs, Idealist, Dice) one-by-one probably would have taken three hours at the least.

Stress Reduction: To be honest, this step actually added to my stress a bit. While I was happy to see all of these opportunities, the overwhelming listings temporarily returned me to that crazy maximizer mindset, as in: "Oh my god! I need to find every job and apply for it so I don't miss out. My dream job must be on the next page..." +1 mm Hg.

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