Sunday, December 5, 2010

Step 4: Posting

Tedious but fascinating - 25 minutes back on Indeed and I knew which of my target firms were hiring - and for what:

Key Insights: This was mostly as expected - big firms were not only more likely to be hiring, but hiring MBAs and for marketing internships. As a result, however, in those rare cases when I saw a smaller firm (Leapfrog, 2tor) hiring for my specialty, I was especially excited!

Time Savings: Not that I ever would have been smart enough to triage my target companies by hiring potential, but had I gained a few IQ points in the past, I would have quickly lost them all surfing to individual company sites for info - 15 hours.

Stress Reduction: A mixed bag - excited to see who's hiring, bummed to see who's not - BP stable.

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