Monday, December 13, 2010

Step 5.1: Sort - Gap A

After sorting my list by the various attributes, two trends emerged:
  1. Although the top of my list was dominated by firms I love, have connections to, and are hiring (cue choir: "Hallelujah!"), the bottom of my list was full of unknowns - not disliked, just totally oblivious to.
  2. Peppered throughout the list were firms that I like or are hiring, but that I have no connection to.
Thus, before moving ahead with my rankings, I wanted to see if could address both of these gaps in order to provide a fairer comparison.

To solve the first, I hit up my good friend Google for a little advice. After researching the unknown firms, I came across a bunch of duds (lame edutainment, simulations for corporate training) but a few diamonds in the rough (did you know there's an entire Institute of Play working to make games more educational?). All of a sudden, my list was looking a bit more... spicy!

Key Insights: The crazy thing about living in a free market is you would not believe how many random companies there are. And despite my insanely specific interests, there are actually people out there who think exactly like I do. Now, if they would just grow fast enough to be able to hire me... :)

Time Savings: I would never have come across these firms in a traditional job search, so no time savings alas.

Stress Reduction: Big time! Instead of having to gun for the same few behemoths that everyone is shooting for, I've got a veritable smörgåsbord (how do you like those umlauts?) of opportunities lying beneath the radar. In other words, the job-seeker/firm tables are officially turned! -10 mm HG.

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